TableĀ 4

Demographics of rugby players completing the Rugby Shoulder Score for internal consistency and reliability testing

PlayerAge (years)PositionDiagnosis
120Back (centre)Acromioclavicular separation (grade III)
222Back (centre)Anterior glenohumeral instability
326Back (wing)Acromioclavicular separation (grade III)
429Forward (flanker)Labral tear
520Back (scrum-half)Anterior glenohumeral instability
627Back (full-back)Biceps tendinitis
730Forward (second-row)Anterior glenohumeral instability with bankart lesion
827Back (centre)Labral tear
922Back (centre)Biceps tendinitis
1025Forward (flanker)Acromioclavicular separation (grade unknown)
1131Forward (prop)Acute glenohumeral dislocation with bony bankart lesion