Table 4

Summary of articles reporting on the diagnostic accuracy of OSTs for pathologies of the hip: avascular necrosis

Test, authorsSubjectsAge (mean, SD)GenderPathologySymptom durationSN/SP (95% CI)LR+/LR-QCriterion standard SN/SP (95% CI)Reliability
Restricted/Painful Movement
Joe et al55 (extension < 15 degrees)176 subjectsNRNRHIV infection with AVNNR19 (0 to 38)/92 (89 to 95)2.38/0.8810MRI 99 (NR)/99 (NR)82NR
Joe et al55 (external rotation < 60 degrees)38 (14 to 61)/73 (68 to 77)0.48/0.85
Joe et al55 (pain with internal rotation)13 (0 to 29)/86 (83 to 90)0.93/1.01
  • AVN, avascular necrosis; F, female; LR+, positive likelihood ratio; LR-, negative likelihood ratio; NR, not reported; OST, orthopaedic special tests; Q, Quality Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies scores (QUADAS); SN, sensitivity (%); SP, specificity (%).