Table 7

Results of log-rank tests for time-to-a new (first) injury

 Log-rank test p valueMedian time to injury (days)nInjury
Event group
 Middle and long distance117835924
 Combined events10617116
Athlete category0.046
Youth female199714229
Youth male101553520
Adult female94906228
Adult male69766016
Serious injury previous year*0.039
Average weekly training sessions†0.165
Average weekly training hours†0.488
Training load rank index (TLRI)‡0.019
 Q1 0–25227734033
 Q2 26–5078674621
 Q3 51–7569695316
 Q4 76–10098705713
  • The tests included the athlete category, event group, serious injury the previous year, number of training sessions per week, number of training hours per week and TLRI.

  • *Values were missing for 19 athletes.

  • †Values were missing for 14 athletes.

  • ‡Values were missing for 13 athletes.