Table 8

Results of the Cox proportional hazard multivariate regression analysis for time to a new (first) injury, presented using the HR together with its corresponding 95% CI and p value

 p ValueHR95% CI
Lower levelUpper level
Athlete category×previous serious injury
 Youth female×no injury*1.000
 Youth female×injury†0.3511.3580.7142.585
 Youth male×no injury*0.4641.2660.6732.383
 Youth male×injury†<0.0014.3892.1988.765
 Adult female×no injury*0.0761.6650.9482.925
 Adult female×injury†0.0621.7560.9733.167
 Adult male×no injury*0.0521.7670.9963.133
 Adult male×injury†0.0012.5631.4354.579
 Q1 0–251.000
 Q2 26–500.1471.3900.8902.170
 Q3 51–750.0091.7921.1542.782
 Q4 76–1000.0081.7871.1652.741
  • *No severe injury reported in the 12 months prior to the study.

  • †Severe injury reported during the 12 months prior to the start of the study.

  • Factors in the model were athlete category, previous injury and training load rank index, TLRI.