Table 1

Assessment methods, domains assessed and response methods of existing shoulder scoring systems (n=46)

Number of scoring systems (% of total)
Assessment methods of scoring systems
 Clinician-assessed items only10 (21.7)
 Patient-assessed items only28 (60.9)
 Clinician-assessed and patient-assessed8 (17.4)
 Objective items only1 (2.2)
 Subjective items only26 (56.5)
 Objective and subjective assessments19 (41.3)
Domains assessed by scoring system
 Power26 (56.5)
 Range of movement33 (71.7)
 Stability9 (19.6)
 Function/activities of daily living40 (87)
 Pain35 (76.1)
 Patient satisfaction13 (28.3)
 Psychological well-being16 (34.8)
 Financial/occupational consequences9 (19.6)
 Radiological findings3 (6.5)
Response method of scoring system
 Likert scale38 (82.6)
 Visual analogue scale6 (13)
 Likert scale and visual analogue scale2 (4.3)