Table 3

Items selected for the Rugby Shoulder Score from item reduction interviews with rugby players (n=8)

ItemHow much difficulty do you experience with the following activities due to your shoulder injury?FrequencyMean importance scoreFrequency importance product
1Pain/discomfort in everyday activities15.55.5
2Pain/discomfort during training or playing0.885.54.84
3Performing vigorous, rapid or explosive arm movements0.885.885.18
4Reaching your affected arm across to the opposite shoulder15.255.25
5Lifting your hand on your affected side up to your affected shoulder14.54.5
6Placing your hand behind your head with your elbow straight out to the side15.135.13
7Pushing or pulling forcefully0.886.385.61
8Carrying or lifting heavy objects off the ground14.54.5
9Performing bench presses0.885.885.18
10Reaching upwards0.885.634.96
11Using your affected arm overhead for prolonged periods (>2 min)15.255.25
12Putting force through your shoulder at extremes of range of movement0.886.55.72
13Overhead ball handling0.885.54.84
14Performing hand-offs0.885.384.73
16Carrying a ball with strength in the crook of your arm0.8854.4
18Pushing up from the ground0.8854.4
How much does: 
19Shoulder pain/discomfort affect your overall shoulder function?15.135.13
20Your shoulder injury affect your overall ability to train or play competitively?0.886.135.39