Table 2

Number (%) of 34 IFs’ rating of the importance of various topics for their federation

How important are the following topics for your federation?Not important n (%)Less important n (%)Important n (%)Very important n (%)Top priority n (%)
Image as a safe sport003(8.8)12(35.3)19(55.9)
Image as an enjoyable physical activity03(9.1)5(14.7)15(44.1)11(32.4)
Top performance of athletes in your sport004(11.8)19(55.9)11(32.4)
Health of your elite athlete002(5.9)13(38.2)19(55.9)
Health of recreational athletes in your sport04(12.1)11(32.4)9(26.5)10(29.4)
Health of the general population3(9.1)7(21.2)10(29.4)10(29.4)4(11.8)
Increasing the number of elite athletes01(3.0)11(32.4)18(52.9)4(11.8)
Increasing the number of recreational athletes04(12.1)10(29.4)18(52.9)2(5.9)
Increasing the number of spectators02(6.1)7(20.6)16(47.1)9(26.5)
Fight against doping004(11.8)6(17.6)24(70.6)
  • IF, International Sport Federation.