Table 3

Number and percentage of 34 IFs’ reporting to have programmes, guidelines or research activities on the indicated topics

TopicnPer cent
Injury surveillance during championships of your IF2985.3
Injury prevention by exercise-based programmes2161.8
Injury prevention by Fair Play campaigns or similar1544.1
Injury prevention by regulation for equipment/venues2985.3
Environmental conditions (eg, temperature, altitude)2470.6
Preparticipation medical examination1955.9
Return-to-play after injury1338.2
First aid (eg, on pitch physician, AED)3397.1
Rest days between competitions1338.2
Mental health of your athletes514.7
Training/competing during pregnancy411.8
Disorders of sexual development926.5
Other medical conditions (eg, female athlete triad, concussion)1338.2
Post elite career management411.8
Prevention of chronic diseases in the general population823.5
  • IF, International Sport Federation.