Table 3

Training load, training duration and rate of perceived exertion (mean±SD) for the nine participants completing both ALT1 and ALT2

ALT1ALT2Per cent chances for ALT1 to be greater/similar/smaller than the SWC compared with ALT2
Training load (arbitrary units)
 Preintervention week2497±3492838±2011/2/97 (ALT2 very likely higher)
 Week 15138±1505091±32349/31/20 (Unclear difference)
 Week 25002±1164929±33745/47/8 (Unclear difference)
 Week 33833±2573711±18575/18/7 (ALT2 possibly higher)
Training duration (min)
 Preintervention week550±93765±800/0/100 (ALT2 almost certainly higher)
 Week 1730±15902±100/0/100 (ALT2 almost certainly higher)
 Week 2763±8696±390/0/100 (ALT1 almost certainly higher)
 Week 3625±13597±210/0/100 (ALT1 almost certainly higher)
Rate of perceived exertion
 Preintervention week4.71±0.575.56±0.28100/0/0 (ALT2 almost certainly higher)
 Week 16.17±0.195.74±0.3899/1/0 (ALT1 very likely higher)
 Week 26.36±0.136.17±0.3785/11/3 (ALT1 very likely higher)
 Week 36.59±0.355.94±0.30100/0/0 (ALT1 almost certainly higher)