Table 9

The most common match and training injuries and the match and training injuries causing the greatest overall loss of time

A. Greatest numberNumber (days absence)Number (days absence)
Posterior thigh, muscle20 (523)Lower leg, muscle6 (116)
Concussion15 (152)Posterior thigh, muscle5 (46)
Knee, ligament14 (1113)Hip/groin, muscle3 (118)
Shoulder, ligament11 (245)Lower back, disc3 (26)
Sternum/ribs, haematoma10 (132)Knee, ligament2 (252)
Ankle, ligament10 (128)Anterior thigh, muscle2 (24)
ALL171 (4020)ALL35 (940)
B. Greatest absenceDays absence (number)Days absence (number)
Knee, ligament1113 (14)Knee, ligament252 (2)
Posterior thigh, muscle523 (20)Neck/cervical spine, disc129 (1)
Shoulder, dislocation/subluxation381 (5)Hip/groin, muscle118 (3)
Shoulder, labral tear262 (2)Lower leg, muscle116 (6)
Shoulder, ligament245 (11)Achilles, tendon87 (1)
Concussion152 (15)Upper back, muscle79 (1)
ALL4020 (171)ALL940 (35)