Table 1

Contents of the FIFA emergency medical bag

Personal protection
 Pair of latex/nitrile glovesSmall/medium/large—as appropriate2
 Plastic gogglesOne size1
 Antiseptic hand disinfectant100 mL1
 Rescue scissors shearsStainless steel1
Airway management
 Guedel oropharyngeal tubeSizes 3 and 41 each
 Nasopharyngeal airway6 and 7 mm2 each
 Laryngeal mask airway (LMA)Sizes 3 and 41 each
 Water-based lubricating Jelly50 mL tube1
 Magill's forcepsSize—adult1
 Suction hand heldManual1
 Suction catheterYankuer2
 Suction catheterFlexible2
 Spencer Wells artery forcepsStraight/stainless steel2
 Scalpel handle and bladeSize 15, disposable2
 Bag valve manual resuscitator (self-inflating)Without adult—pop off valve1
 Bag valve face maskSizes 3, 4 and 51 each
 Volumetric spacer deviceSize—adult1
 Pulse oximeterWith batteries1
 Automated external defibrillatorAED1
 AED padsAdult1
 Shaving type razorDisposable2
 StethoscopeDual head1
 SphygmomanometerAneroid clip on1
 Venous tourniquet—quick releaseSize—adult1
 Hazard sharps500 mL container1
 Antiseptic type appropriate swab, for example, chlorhexidineSachets25
 IV cannula14, 16, 18 and 20G3 each
 Sterile IV retaining dressing7.5×8.5 cm packet4
 IV fluid administration set15 drop/mL2
 Sterile disposable syringeSize 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, 20 mL4 each
 Hypodermic needleSize 21g×40 mm6
 Hypodermic needleSize 18g×40 mm6
 Lactated Ringer's solution500 mLs2
 Sterile saline20 mL5
 Arterial tourniquetSize—adult1
 Clinical waste bag20×25 cm with seal3
 Gauze swabs 10 cm×10 cmpacket of 510
 Crepe bandage100, 75 and 50 mm2 each
 Trauma wound dressing100, 75 and 50 mm4 each
 Transpore hypoallergenic tape25 cm2
 Sterile burn dressing100 mm×100 mm5
 PlastersAssortment of sizes1 box
 Non-suture skin closuresSingles5
 Adhesive bandage25 mm2
 Celox gauze dressing1
 Protective eye shield1
 Long trauma boardPlasticised1
 Board immobilisation straps6×straps/spider type or equivalent1×set
 Calico triangular bandageSingle wrapped6
 Lower limb metal traction splintKendrick traction splint or equivalent1
 Rescue type blankets to prevent or treat hypothermia postinjuryAluminium or equivalent4
 SAM splint orange/blue91.5 cm×11.5 cm2
 Ambu head wedge cervicalSingle2
 Sealable plastic bagSmall, medium and large2 each
 GlucometerWith batteries1
 Glucometer test stripsSinglesPack of 10
 LancetsSinglesPack of 10
 Black marker + black ink pen1
 Prescription pad/referral letter1
 Team/venue emergency protocol and contacts1
 Inventory and checklist1
 Epinephrine 1 in 1000 injection1 mg per mL10
 Aspirin tablets300 mg dissolvable10
 Atropine0.5 mg in 1 mL5
 Chlopheniramine injection10 mg in 1 mL5
 Cyclisine injection50 mg in 1 mL5
 Glucose gel25 g sachet3
 Glyceryl trinitrate tablets/spray300 μg sublingualI unit
 Midazolam15 mg in 3 mL3
 Salbutamol pMDI (pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler)200 μg/dose1
 Tramadol injection (or equivalent analgesic)50 mg in 2 mL4
 Oral rehydration solution sachets10
  • AED, automated external defibrillator.