Table 2

Influence of haemoglobin oxygen saturation (Hb-sO2), haemoglobin mass (Hbmass) and blood volume on arterial oxygen content (CaO2)

p ValueEstimateCI (95%)AUS day 12, (%)BOL day 16, (%)
Hb-sO2 (%)<0.0010.2290.222 to 0.2363334
Hbmass (g)<0.0010.02710.0264 to 0.0278208
Blood volume (mL)<0.001−0.00395−0.00405 to −0.003844255
  • Demonstrated are the results of an analysis of covariance (mixed model) and the calculated percentage contribution of Hb-sO2, Hbmass and blood volume on the compensation of CaO2 after ascent to altitude (difference from day 1).