Table 4

Characteristics of skier control and choice of course line across the four main injury categories

ControlJumping (n=16)Turning (n=8)Jumping and turning (n=7)Rollers (n=2)Total (n=33)
Skier lost control before the time of injury leading to:
 Major instability10102
 Minor instability00000
Preceding the injury, the skier was
 Out of balance backwards1215018
 Out of balance forwards22116
 In balance in the sagittal plane25018
 Out of balance to the right343111
 Out of balance to the left523111
 In balance in the frontal plane820010
The weight distribution was:
 Mainly on the outer ski03003
 Mainly on the inner ski34209
 Equal on both skis70108
 Mainly left20002
 Mainly right31217
Lost control due to:
 Technical error32308
 Inappropriate strategy51208
 Contact with opponent641213
 Too little space between obstacles00000
 Bad equipment01001
 The course10102
Skier chose an appropriate course line?