Table 3

Incidence rates by age group and division of play (adjusted for cluster)

Injury rateDivision of playAge group
Age group/divisionAthlete exposure hoursNumber of injuries*Number of injuries/1000 player-hours95% CIIncidence rate ratio95% CIIncidence rate ratio95% CI
 All295631.00.3 to 3.0n/an/a1.0
 B107010.90.2 to 4.01.0
 A216441.80.4 to to 13.0
 All323451.50.4 to to 6.6
 B360310.30.0 to 1.61.0
 A507881.60.8 to to 33.4
 All868191.00.5 to to 3.1
 B159195.74.5 to 7.11.0
 A437671.60.7 to to 0.5
 AAA6906202.91.6 to to 0.9
 All12873362.81.8 to to 8.0
Total27744531.91.4 to 2.7
  • *Total injuries reported including multiple injuries in the same player.

  • n/a, not applicable.