Table 1

Participant characteristics

Australian (N=20)Bolivian (N=19)
Age (years)16.0±0.418.1±1.0
Height (cm)178.6±4.6171.1±6.3
Age from peak height velocity (years)26+2.4±0.5+2.9±0.8
Mass (kg)66.7±5.663.6±7.2
Lean body mass (kg)60.8±4.557.4±6.1
Altitude of birth (m)22±83333±554
Haemoglobin concentration (g/dL)15.0±0.918.2±1.0
Haemoglobin mass (g)797±75833±104
Ferritin (µg/L)79±5152.9±19.1
  • Values are mean±SD.

  • Data for age, height, age of peak height velocity, mass and lean body mass are as determined on day 10 at altitude. Initial haemoglobin concentration, haemoglobin and ferritin were determined at the normal altitude of both groups (ie, Australians in Santa Cruz at 430 m and Bolivians in La Paz at 3600 m).