Table 3

The cash and in-kind contributions (in Australian dollars) of the partner organisations

OrganisationsCash or grantAdditional funding support (cash or in kind)*Total
AIS including AIS Soccer programme$A60 000$A15 000$A75 000
ASPIRE Zone Foundation$A50 000$A65 000$A115 000
Central Queensland University$A5000$A20 000$A25 000
FFA$A10 000$A10 000
IBBA$A5 000$A5000
University of Bayreuth$A14 000$A41 000$A55 000
Victoria University$A35 000$A2000$A37 000
Grand total*$A322 000
  • *The cost of equipment such as of 22 miniMaxX global positioning systems (GPS, ∼$A90 000), 40 Actical Z-series wrist activity monitors (∼$A32 000), 2 Radiometer CO-oximeters (∼$A30 000) and 6 Compumedics Siesta polysomnography systems (∼$A93 000) has not been included as in-kind support.

  • AIS, Australian Institute of Sport; FFA, Football Federation of Australia, IBBA—Instituto Boliviano de Biología de Altura.