Table 3

Coach and sports trainer responses to: ‘Which of the following factors are important to consider when deciding whether to take a player off the ground following a hit to the head?’ (n=882)

Important factorYes, n (% of respondents)No, n (% of respondents)
Presence/absence of concussion symptoms872 (98.9)10 (1.1)
The player's history of concussion783 (88.8)99 (11.2)
The player's general fitness214 (24.3)668 (75.7)
Whether or not the player wants to come off98 (11.1)784 (88.9)
How much time there is before the end of the half14 (1.6)868 (98.4)
How ‘tough’ the player is14 (1.6)868 (98.4)
The player's importance to the team's performance9 (1.0)873 (99.0)