Table 5

Coach and sports trainer responses to concussion management scenarios (n=882)

CircumstanceResponses, n (% of respondents)
A player who has a concussion should be referred to a medical doctor…’
 As soon as possible, regardless of symptoms549 (62.2)
 If they lost consciousness, even if only for a moment171 (19.4)
 If their symptoms have not improved within an hour89 (10.1)
 If they still have symptoms the following day39 (4.4)
 If they were unable to return to play on the day34 (3.9)
Who should determine when a player who has a concussion can be return to play?
 A doctor839 (95.1)
 A physiotherapist1 (0.1)
 The sports trainer37 (4.2)
 The coach3 (0.3)
 The player2 (0.2)
‘The most important factor during a player's rehabilitation following a concussion is that…’
 They remain symptom free throughout their rehabilitation642 (72.8)
 They maintain a close bond with their teammates5 (0.6)
 Their base fitness is maintained through aerobic activity such as swimming5 (0.6)
 They avoid contact training drills until the very end of their rehabilitation227 (25.7)
 Resistance training is incorporated into their rehabilitation3 (0.3)