TableĀ 1

Academic accommodations following concussion (adapted from ref 49)

Postconcussion symptomEffect of school attendanceAccommodation
HeadacheDifficulty concentratingFrequent breaks, quiet area, hydration
FatigueDecreased attention, concentrationFrequent breaks, shortened day, only certain classes
Photophobia/phonophobiaWorsening symptoms (headache)Sunglasses, ear plugs/headphones, avoid noisy areas (cafeterias, assemblies, sport events, music class), limit computer work
AnxietyDecreased attention/concentration, overexertion to avoid falling behindReassurance and support from teachers about accommodations, reduced workload
Difficulty concentratingLimited focus on schoolworkShorter assignments, decreased workload, frequent breaks, having someone read out loud, more time to complete assignments/tests, quiet area to complete work
Difficulty rememberingDifficulty retaining new information, remembering instructions, accessing learned informationWritten instructions, smaller amounts to learn, repetition