Table 1

Examples of cohort studies of cardiometabolic diseases and cancer using accelerometers to assess physical activity and sedentary behaviour

Study, countryApproximate N, ageYears and method of data collectionDevice
European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC)—Norfolk Study, UK*3900 men and women, 60–80 years2008–2011; in personActigraph GT1M
Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study, USA299400 men and women, 56+ years2009–2012; by mailActical
British Regional Heart Study, UK†2500 men and women, 70–90 years2010–2012; by mailActigraph GT3X
Maastricht Study, Netherlands‡10 000 men and women, 40–75 years2010 until sample reaches 10 000; in personActivPal
Women's Health Study (WHS), USA3018 000 women, 62+ years2011–2014; by mailActigraph GT3X+
Women's Health Initiative Study (WHI), USA318000 women, 72+ years2012–2013; in person and by mailActigraph GT3X+
  • *Ekelund, U, personal communication, 2013.

  • †Jefferis, B, personal communication, 2013.

  • ‡Koster, A, personal communication, 2013.