Table 1

Background characteristics at study entry

Usual care
Exercise intervention
p Value*
Mean age (SD)60.7 (8.08)61.2 (7.67)0.639
Female gender64.1%62.0%0.760
Australian born56.5%59.3%0.696
Lives alone20.7%22.4%0.761
Tertiary education26.4%35.2%0.181
>150 min self-reported exercise/week56.5%46.3%0.149
Harmful or hazardous drinking5.3%7.9%0.501
Currently smoking22.8%14.8%0.146
BMI >25 (overweight-obese)78.2%75.5%0.660
History of depression diagnosis81.5%80.6%0.862
History of anxiety diagnosis40.2%48.1%0.261
Current antidepressant use47.8%60.2%0.080
>12 GP visits in the past 12 months19.3%22.6%0.572
Late onset depression (first episode >50 years)31.2%30.0%0.885
SCID-I diagnosis—major depressive episode63.0%60.2%0.679
Mean # of medical conditions (SD)3.4 (1.89)3.8 (2.41)0.199
Mean # of prescription medications (SD)5.0 (3.98)5.4 (4.16)0.446
  • *p Value by t test or χ2.

  • BMI, body mass index; GP, general practitioner; SCID-I, Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Disorders.