Table 1

PEDro quality assessment of individual trials

Journal articlePEDro scale
Green et al9++++++++8
Cosby et al23+++++++++9
Eisenhart et al29++++++6
Collins et al28++++++++++10
Reid et al24++++++++++10
Pellow and Brantingham30+++++++7
Lopez-Rodriguez et al18+++++5
Yeo and Wright25++++++++++10
  • +, Met criteria; −, criteria not met; 1, eligibility criteria were specified; 2, participants were randomly allocated to groups; 3, allocation was concealed; 4, groups were similar at baseline regarding most important prognostic indicators; 5, blinding of all participants; 6, blinding of therapists who administered the therapy; 7, blinding of all assessors who measured at least one key outcome; 8, measures of at least one key outcome were obtained from more than 85% of the participants; 9, all participants for whom outcome measures were available received the treatment or control condition as allocated; 10, results of between-group statistical comparisons are reported for at least one key outcome; 11, study provides both point measures and measures of variability for at least one key outcome.

  • PEDro, Physiotherapy Evidence Database.