Table 1

Characteristics of participants

nMean (SD)nMean (SD)
Age in years at physical activity monitoring212811.7 (0.23)262711.7 (0.23)
Birthweight (g)19963457.1 (579.6)24463375.2 (490.5)
Gestation (weeks)202039.4 (2.0)248439.5 (1.6)
Age of mother in years at delivery202029.2 (4.6)248428.9 (4.5)
BMI Z score at 1121170.34 (1.17)26090.27 (1.17)
BMI Z score at 1310930.27 (1.18)13920.18 (1.16)
BMI Z score at 1615310.27 (1.07)19180.36 (1.06)
Number of valid days of accelerometry21285.9 (1.2)26275.9 (1.2)
Accelerometer wear time (min)21284639 (1040)26274557 (1006)
Counts-per-minute (cpm)2128662 (186)2627553 (153)
Average daily minutes of MVPA212829 (17)262718 (12)
Percentage of time spent in MVPA21288 (4)26275 (3)
BMI at 11 years
BMI at 13 years
BMI at 16 years
Mother's oily fish intake
 Once in 2 weeks67435.280634.3
 1–3 times a week50826.561526.1
 4–7 times a week201.0301.3
 More than once a day10.110.0
Mother smoked during pregnancy
Mothers education
 O level69535.487436.4
 A level53627.363226.3
Occupational social class
 I (Professional)1347.81426.8
 III (Non-manual)73442.989443.0
 III (Manual)1036.01215.8
 V (Unskilled)150.1301.4
 Armed forces10.100
  • BMI body mass index; MVPA, moderate-vigorous intensity physical activity.