Table 1

Demographic information of respondents.

CategoryN (% of respondents)*
 Atlantic Canada62
 Central Canada457
 Western Canada362
 Northern Canada3
 Non-resident of Canada27
Years experience
Stakeholder groups
  AthletesCAN (Athletes)88
  Coaching Association of Canada (Coaches)41
  Canadian Soccer Association13
  Canada Games Association21
  Canadian Olympic Committee12
 Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine Sport medicine physicians (n=484)181 (37.4)
 Sport Physiotherapy Canada
 Sport physiotherapists (n=1320)155 (11.7)
 Students (1350)5 (0.4)
 Canadian Athletic Therapy Association
 Athletic therapists (n=1206)
304 (25.2)
 Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences Canada
 Sport chiropractors (n=221)
53 (24.0)
 Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association
 Sport massage therapists (n=150)
38 (25.3)
  • For the clinician stakeholder groups, the percent of respondents is based on the number of members sent the survey (provided in ‘Category’ column). This was not possible for the non-clinician stakeholder groups (see text for details).