Table 2

Multivariate regression analyses of the association between the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score subscales, the Anterior Knee Pain Scale and functional tasks with patellofemoral and tibiofemoral OA severity (grade 0–3)

Dependent variableIndependent variableβB95% CI of Bp Value
KOOS-painPatellofemoral OA−0.3−3.6−7.0 to −0.10.042
Tibiofemoral OA−0.3−3.8−7.3 to −0.20.037
KOOS-symptomsPatellofemoral OA−0.4−7.0−12.3 to −1.70.011
Tibiofemoral OA−0.2−3.2−8.6 to 2.30.251
KOOS-ADLPatellofemoral OA−0.2−3.5−9.9 to 2.80.268
Tibiofemoral OA0.00.6−5.9 to 7.10.850
KOOS-SRPatellofemoral OA−0.2−3.2−9.0 to 2.70.281
Tibiofemoral OA−0.3−5.8−11.8 to 0.20.058
KOOS-QOLPatellofemoral OA−0.5−13.0−20.3 to −5.80.001
Tibiofemoral OA−0.2−5.8−13.2 to 1.60.124
AKPSPatellofemoral OA−0.5−8.0−12.8 to −3.30.001
Tibiofemoral OA−0.1−1.8−6.6 to 3.10.468
Hop for distance*Patellofemoral OA−0.3−13.6−23.6 to −3.50.009
Tibiofemoral OA−0.2−7.9−18.0 to 2.20.123
Side hop*Patellofemoral OA−0.4−6.5−10.1 to −3.00.001
Tibiofemoral OA−0.1−2.0−5.6 to 1.60.260
One-leg rise†Patellofemoral OA−0.3−6.3−11.8 to −0.80.026
Tibiofemoral OA0.00.1−5.6 to 5.70.980
  • N=60 for patient-reported outcomes, N=65 for functional tasks.

  • *Adjusted for height, age and gender.

  • †adjusted for weight.

  • β, standardised regression coefficient; ADL, function in activities of daily living; AKPS, Anterior Knee Pain Scale; B, unstandardised regression coefficient; KOOS, Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score; OA, osteoarthritis; QOL, quality of life; SR, function in sport and recreation.