Table 3

Number of athletes and starts in international Athletics championships 2007–2012 regarding discipline categories

 Number of competing athletes
ChampionshipDuration (in days)Number of startsRegistrations per disciplineTotal*JumpsShort distancesMiddle distancesLong distancesMarathonRace walksThrowsCombined events
Outdoor: WOC and EOC and OG
 WOC 2007931091983195725671916919515113626269
 WOC 2009932502125208028875418819016214528667
 WOC 2011931901926190325777315216712013923758
 OG 20081036312221219630173918123017615832982
 OG 20121033482304229027583019121122318031169
 Total WOC and OG4716 52810 55910 426137738158819938327581425345
 EOC 201062124142014142165291061371077619152
 EOC 2012523351318130723257711013820545
 Total EOC1144592738272144811062162751077639697
Indoor: WIC and EIC
 WIC 20083964607594134261104423716
 WIC 2010394760859816225984393816
 EIC 2009399551751316916572413630
 EIC 20113102158558017620195433530
 Total indoor1239272317228564188635516514692
Youth/junior: WYC and WJC
 WYC 20095231815601536254670150995327832
 WJC 2010723341535151921769016616023650
 Total WYC and WJC1246523095305547113603162595351482
Total 2007–20128229 56618 70918 48729377167176816929398872481616
  • *Some athletes competed in more than one discipline; therefore, this is not the sum of individual athletes (if an athlete started in different disciplines, he/she was counted in each discipline).

  • EIC, European Indoor Championships; EOC, European Outdoor Championships; OG, Olympic Games; WIC, World Indoor Championships; WJC, World Junior Championships; WOC, World Outdoor Championships; WYC, World Youth Championships.