Table 5

Prevalence of triad-associated conditions in all participants and divided by total LEAF-Q score

 AllLEAF-Q ≥8LEAF-Q <8
BMD Z-score ≤−1¤(N=17)(n=13)(n=4)
BMD Z-score ≤−2¤(N=4)(n=2)(n=2)
Eating disorders(N=11)(n=7)(n=4)
Disordered eating(N=1)(n=1)(n=0)
Underweight (BMI <18.5)(N=6)(n=5)(n=1)
Menstrual dysfunction(N=29)(n=23)(n=6)**
  • *p<0.05, **p<0.01, tested with Fisher's exact test.

  • BMD, bone mineral density; BMI, body mass index, ¤ determined by DEXA scan; DEXA, LEAF-Q, Low Energy Availability in Females Questionnaire.