Table 2

Example of the physical qualities assessed in the test battery used by the DTB as well as average values and SDs for U12 to U18 female players

Female players
QualitiesMeasurementsU12 (n=65)U14 (n=149)U16 (n=73)U18 (n=37)
AnthropometryHeight (cm)149.5±6.4160.5±6.9167.3±5.8171.5±6.5
Weight (kg)38.1±6.448.7±7.257.5±6.763.4±6.3
Strength and powerGrip strength* (kg)20.6±4.127.4±5.232.1±4.035.7±5.0
CMJ (cm)28.6±4.029.8±3.831.1±3.631.1±3.9
Medicine ball throw† (cm)505.5±92.1611.2±96.2709.8±105.7788.3±124.8
Service velocity (km/h)112.2±9.2127.8±10.6142.3±10.3150.9±8.3
Speed and agility10 m (s)2.03±0.091.98±0.081.96±0.151.96±0.09
20 m (s)3.61±0.143.5±0.143.41±0.143.38±0.19
Shuttle sprint FH (s)3.11±0.132.99±0.132.88±0.112.88±0.13
Shuttle sprint BH (s)3.21±0.163.12±0.153.03±0.173.05±0.14
EnduranceHit & Turn Test (level)11.8±2.012.7±1.913.8±1.914.3±1.8
  • *Dominant hand. †Overhead medicine ball. BH, backhand; BMI, body mass index; CMJ, countermovement jump; DTB, German Tennis Federation; FH, forehand.