Table 1

Neuromuscular parameters recorded during brief explosive maximal knee extensions prior to (pre) and following (post, 24 and 48 h) match-play tennis in COOL and HOT conditions

NeuromuscularAssessment time point
ParametersConditionPrePost24 h48 h
MVC torque (Nm)COOL224±36202±27 *216±32 *223±38
HOT †214±44169±29 *195±39 *207±43
Peak RTD (Nm/s)COOL1151±4181082±429 *1184±4101190±397
HOT †1115±435823±259 *923±2311102±385
RMSMAX (mV)COOL0.400±0.1170.361±0.1090.384±0.1170.407±0.124
M-wave (mV)COOL7.7±2.67.6±2.87.4±2.77.7±2.8
RMSMAX/M-wave (au)COOL0.054±0.0140.053±0.0240.055±0.0180.055±0.014
HOT †0.057±0.0160.045±0.0120.054±0.0190.055±0.016
  • Values are expressed as means±SD.

  • *p<0.05, significantly different from pre. †p<0.05, significantly different from COOL. MVC torque, maximal voluntary contraction torque; RMSMAX, M-wave and RMSMAX/M-wave represent the average of root mean square, maximal M-waves and normalised electromyogram activities of vastus lateralis and rectus femoris muscles; Peak RTD, peak rate of torque development.