Table 1

Summary of features of each hamstring injury episode

Clinical severity42Imaging severity43 (and interventions)
EpisodeDays until next episodeOnsetInMechanismClinical gradeAKE deficitDays to walk pain freeGradeSiteDistance from ischial tuberosity44Days to RTTDays to RTPEccentric strength sessions pre-RTPTeam training sessions pre-RTPGames missedGames played to next episode
146SuddenMatchSprint215°22Long head11.7 cm21306533
249InsidiousTheme parkWalking-2 days postgame110N/AN/A7165411
327Sudden on gradualTrainingKicking (shooting at goal)111Long head23.6 cm102174N/A preseason1
Day 1: epidural #1
435GradualMatchAfter long high-speed run112Long head27.9 cm253411740
Day 17: Epidural #2
5SuddenMatchLow speed run 2 min after 81 min on bench12Myo-fascial tearShort head28 cm28381275
Day 5: lumbar routine, sitting and upright MRI commence aggressive neural sliders
Day 10: actovegin injections