Table 3

Mean and SD values for disciplines giant slalom, super-G and downhill and as percentage of downhill for slalom, giant slalom and super-G

Mean±SD in absolute valuesPercentage of downhill*
Giant slalomSuper-GDownhillGiant slalomSuper-G
Ekin (BW m)15.5±4.027.9±6.132.7±10.74785
IGRF+D (kBW s)124.3±12.5153.0±13.3173.4±25.37188
Run time (s)77.4±5.292.9±9.7121.4±17.76476
Number of jumps/race2.3±0.84.2±1.555
Jump length (m)23.8±9.930.2±10.479
Jump airtime (s)0.98±0.441.04±0.4494
  • Ekin, skier kinetic energy.

  • *Downhill is 100% for the respective measures.