Table 2

Description of maturity, body size and bone outcomes in Iowa Bone Development Study participants at age 17

 Girls (n=186)Boys (n=160)
Age at PHV, years11.80.613.70.7
Height, cm165.66.7178.77.5
Weight, kg66.816.878.717.2
Whole body BMC, g1794.0325.82376.4446.6
Hip BMC, g32.986.2747.099.85
Hip BMD, g/cm21.0180.1391.1330.159
Femoral Neck CSA, cm23.230.604.160.81
Femoral Neck Section Modulus, cm31.480.372.170.51
Bone Stress Index (tibia 4% site), mg2/mm498.423.7133.531.6
Polar moment of inertia (tibia 38% site), mm41496.4338.92028.3437.1
Polar moment of inertia (tibia 66% site), mm42217.4506.33029.1673.1
  • BMC, bone mineral content; BMD, bone mineral density; CSA, cross-sectional area; PHV, peak height velocity.