Table 2

Reported VISA-P test–retest reliability studies

ArticleVISA-P versionSampleMean (SD) VISA-PRetest periodCoefficientInterpretable values
Visentini et al5English54 ‘knees’ healthy students, athletes and patients with PT. Mean age 28 (SD 8)Same dayr=0.99Estimated as SEM=1.4
14 knees with PT55 (12)MDC68=2
26 healthy knees95 (8)MDC95=4
Frohm et al27Swedish514–7 daysICC=0.97Estimated as SEM=3.5
17 healthy students (47% male)83 (12)
17 basketballers (all male)79 (23)MDC68=5
17 patients with PT (all male)47 (20)MDC95=10
Mean age 22–26 (SD 3–6)
Zwerver et al28Dutch8975 (24)2.5 weeksICC=0.74Estimated as
18 healthy students95 (9)SEM=12
15 volleyball players89 (11)MDC68=17
14 patients with PT58 (19)MDC95=34.6
6 surgical patients with PT56 (21)
17 patients with other knee injuries56 (21)
19 patients with non-knee symptoms77 (24)
Mean age n=71 who completed twice 19.2 (0.9) 25% male
Lohrer and Nauck et al29German801 week
23 with PT (mean age 35, SD 13)62 (13)ICC2,1=0.878SEM=4.5 MDC95=12.6
57 healthy active (mean age 30, SD 8)95 (6)ICC2,1=0.872SEM=2.2 MDC95=6.2
Hernandez-Sanchez, et al16Spanish1507–10 daysICC2,1=0.994 (95%CI 0.992 to 0.996)Estimated as SEM=1
40 healthy students95.4 (2.5)MDC68=1.4
40 at risk athletes90.0 (9.7)MDC95=2.8
40 athletes with PT54.8 (13.2)
30 patients with other knee injuries56.4 (11.3)
86% male
Mean age 21.3–24.5 (SD 3.1–5.1)
Hernandez-Sanchez, et al6Spanish90 athletes with PT50.1 (18.4)4–7 daysRho=0.852SEM=4.0
Mean age 25.9 (SD 5.4)MDC95=11.1
  • ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient; MDC, minimum detectable change; r, Pearson's r; PT, patella tendinopathy; SEM, standard error of measurement; Rho, Spearman rho; VISA-P, Victorian Institute of Sports Assessment questionnaire for patellar tendinopathy