Table 2

Participant characteristics for the longitudinal cohort

Longitudinal cohort
Intervention group, n=20Comparison group, n=16Intervention group, n=20Comparison group, n=16
Age: mean (SD)73.84 (7.49)70.87 (4.83)
Sex (% male)36.831.3
Ethnicity (% not white British)20.012.6
Functional capability*1.90 (0.84)1.84 (1.03)1.84 (0.78)1.92 (0.97)
Living arrangement (%)
 At home alone55.037.550.037.5
 At home with other(s)
 Sheltered housing alone12.5%12.5%
  • *Measure has a range of 1–5 with higher levels associated with lower functional ability