Table 3

Summary of randomised controlled trials managing adductor pain and Sportsman's groin

Paajanen et al10TEP repair vs active physiotherapy and steroid injection60 (chronic pain)Advantage over operative repair in return to sporting activities at 3 months (p<0.001)
Hölmich et al34Active training/physiotherapy vs no active training68 (adductor pain)Advantage over structured programme (p=0.006)
Weir et al36Multimodal programme with exercise therapy48 (adductor pain)Quicker return to work with multimodal treatment (p=0.043)
Hölmich et al35Structured exercise programme with control exercise programme977 (adductor pain)Non-significant reduction in groin injury by 31%
Comin et al37RFD of ilioinguinal nerve with local anaesthesia and steroid injections36 (pain arising from medial aspect of inguinal ligament)Improvement with RFD (p<0.001)
  • RFD, radiofrequency denervation; TEP, totally extraperitoneal.