Table 5

Pairwise goodness-of-fit (likelihood ratio test (LRT), F-ratio (F) and bootstrap (BS)) p-values for comparing the Cox proportional hazards (CoxPH) model, Andersen and Gill (A-G) model, frailty model, Wei-Lin-Weissfeld total time (WLW-TT) marginal model and Prentice-Williams-Petersen gap time (PWP-GT) conditional model for sports injury recurrent data

Comparison of modelsGoodness-of-fit p values
CoxPH vs A-G‡
CoxPH vs frailty<0.001
CoxPH vs WLW-TT0.67
CoxPH vs PWP-GT0.99
A-G vs frailty0.840.500.85
A-G vs WLW-TT0.030.030.02
A-G vs PWP-GT0.200.080.14
Frailty vs WLW-TT0.020.02<0.001
Frailty vs PWP-GT0.030.020.01
WLW-TT vs PWP-GT‡0.78
  • *LRT test is based on log likelihood and is not appropriate for comparing first event model (CoxPH model) and recurrent events models (Cox extension models).

  • †The resampling procedure was based on the CoxPH model in the BS test and hence the extended models were not fitted for first event only when compared with the CoxPH model.

  • ‡Models are not nested.