Table 2

Units of consumed healthcare resources and accumulated direct healthcare costs incurred by injured players in Quebec and Alberta, by payer type

Healthcare resourceQuebec (n=1046)Alberta (n=1108)
UnitsCost‡ ($C)UnitsCost‡ ($C)
Publicly funded healthcare resources
 General practitioner (visits)181441403079
 Emergency department (visits)2157614613 672
 Orthopaedic surgeon (visits)7395211186
 Sport medicine physician (visits)181110573325
 Neurologist (visits)43243178
 Paediatrician (visits)004398
 Children’s hospital (visits)11142171
 Rheumatologist (visits)00172
 Radiologist (visits)16400
 CT scan26912691
 Fibreglass cast*813920711
 Total (public)11 11228 406
Privately funded healthcare resources
 Physiotherapist (visits)383127755952
 Athletic therapist (visits)31658440
 Massage therapist (visits)0010800
 Chiropractor (visits)3255242160
 Reflexologist (visits)005340
 Ambulance ride0041400
 Braces (off-the-shelf)53429636
 Finger splint0015
 Total (private)399911 823
Total (public + private)15 11140 229
  • *For players who reported an emergency department visit and X-ray or cast, we assumed that these services were provided in conjunction with each other. Therefore, the costs of X-rays and casts provided in conjunction with emergency department visits are included in the emergency department visit cost.

  • †Performed for a radius fracture.

  • ‡Calculated as the sum of direct healthcare costs for healthcare resources utilised by each injured player.