Table 5

Projected budget impact analysis for implementing a no body checking policy during the 2011–2012 Alberta Pee Wee ice hockey season

PolicyOutcomeCurrent study (2007–2008 season)Projection (2011–2012 season)
Body checkingNumber of players11089756
Total number of injuries2412122
Total cost* ($C)
 Public28 406250 115
 Private11 823104 102
 Public+private40 229354 218
No body checkingNumber of players10469756
Total number of injuries91849
Total cost ($C)
 Public11 112103 639
 Private399937 299
 Public+private15 111140 938
Number of injuries avoided with no body checking policy1273
Total cost of implementing no body checking policy versus policy allowing body checking ($C)
 Public−146 476
 Private−66 804
 Public+private−213 280
  • *Calculated as the sum of direct public and private healthcare costs for healthcare resources utilised by each injured player.