Table 4

Frequency (% of injuries) and incidence (per 1000 player-hours) of all injuries and match injuries in all players, main player positions (forwards and backs) and by main anatomical location of injury

Main anatomical locationnPer centPlayer-hoursIR95% CI
All injuries
All players
 Head/neck2113.117 3401.20.71.9
 Upper limb4125.617 3402.41.73.2
 Trunk2113.117 3401.20.71.9
 Lower limb7748.117 3404.43.55.6
 Upper limb2627.392482.81.84.1
 Lower limb4446.392484.83.56.4
 Upper limb1523.180921.91.03.1
 Lower limb3350.880924.12.85.7
Match injuries
All players
 Upper limb3830.2151225.117.834.5
 Lower limb5241.3151234.425.745.1
 Upper limb2330.780628.518.142.8
 Lower limb3141.380638.426.154.6
 Upper limb1529.470621.311.935.1
 Lower limb2141.270629.818.445.5
  • %, per cent of injuries in all players, forwards and backs-the per cent are out of the total number of injuries, not the total number of players.

  • IR, incidence rate per 1000 player-hours; n, number of time-loss injuries.