Table 5

Intramuscular increased signal intensity and fibrosis on MRI at return to play (RTP) of participants without reinjury compared to participants with reinjury within 2 months after RTP

No reinjury (n=48)Reinjury (n=5)
Increased signal intensity present43/4890%4/580%
Extent of increased signal intensity
 Median longitudinal length (minimum–maximum)73 mm0–22065 mm0–94
 Median involved cross sectional muscle area (minimum–maximum)8%0–9014%0–31
Intramuscular fibrosis present18/4838%4/580%
Extent of fibrosis
 Median longitudinal length (minimum–maximum)88 mm8–19048 mm15–130
 Median length on axial view (minimum–maximum)9.4 mm3.3–20.15.7 mm2.8–22.9
 Median width on axial view (minimum–maximum)4.9 mm2.1–10.13.1 mm1.5–20.6
  • MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; RTP, return to play.