Table 1

Patient characteristics (n=80)

Included (n=64)Excluded (n=16)
Median age (IQR)28 (23–33)28 (22–32)
Gender male/female61/315/1
 Futsal (indoor football)10
 Field hockey111
 American football12
Level of sports
Median days (IQR) to initial presentation3 (2–4)3 (2–4)
Median number(IQR) of previous hamstring injuries1 (0–3)1 (0–3)
Severity of injury on MRI
 Grade 1185
 Grade 24611
Involved muscles
 Biceps femoris5613
Mean (SD) longitudinal length (craniocaudal) on MRI11.4 (5.7)14.6 (6.9)
Mean (SD) distance from the ischial tuberosity on MRI15 (7.8)14.8 (7.7)
Mean (SD) cross-sectional area on MRI37% (28)33% (21)
Mean (SD) volume of the muscle lesion on MRI (cm3)285 (302)486 (677)
Median (IQR) time to RTP (days)40 (31–55)46 (33–67) (n=11)
Median days (IQR) between RTP and clinical findings3 (2–5)NA
Number of re-injuries17 (27%)4 (36%) (n=11)
  • Only 11 patients in the excluded group achieved RTP, therefore some analyses are displayed for these 11 patients (n=11).

  • NA, not applicable; RTP, return to play.