Table 1

Summary of prospective and retrospective studies examining injury in rowers

AuthorsType of studySample sizeParticipantsSeverity of injury measured?Training and competition exposure measured?Injury rate / 1000 hInjuries classified?Mechanism of injury reported?Most common injury siteFactors associated with injury onset
Deveraux and Lachman5Prospective survey of clinic attendance, 2 years1186Recreational athletesNoNoNot measuredYesNoLumbar spine (2.4% of total)Not measured
Budgett and Fuller2Retrospective survey of all injuries, 1 year.69International male rowersYesTraining estimated0.4 (rowing) 4 (land)YesYesLumbar spine (51%)Weight training
Reid et al7Retrospective survey of clinic attendance, 4 yrs275International female rowersNoNoNot measuredYesYesLumbar spine (25%)Time of year and weight training
Boland and Hosea3Retrospective survey of all injuries, 3 years.180College male rowersNoNoNot measuredYesNoKnee (25%)Not measured
Edgar10Retrospective survey of clinic attendance, 5 weeks44International junior rowersNoNoNot measuredYesNoLumbar spine (30% of total)Not reported
Coburn and Wajswelner8Retrospective survey of clinic attendance, 1 yr54Elite rowersNoNonot measuredYesYesLumbar spine (45% of total)Weight training
Hickey et al9Retrospective survey of clinic attendance, 10 yrs172Elite rowersNoNoNot measuredYesYesChest (22.6%) female,
Lumbar spine (25%) male
Time of year
Parkkari et al6Prospective survey of all injuries, 1 year3363General populationYesClassed as ‘participation time’1.5, 95% CI 0.6 to 3.9YesYesNot reportedNot reported
Smoljanovic et al4Retrospective survey of all injuries, 1 year398International junior rowersYesYes2.1 (training)YesYesLumbar spine (32.3%)More than 7 training sessions/week
Wilson et al11Prospective study of all injuries, 1 year20International male and female rowersYesYes3.67YesYesLumbar spine (31.8% of total)Ergometer training load.
Winzen et al12Retrospective survey of all injuries, 1 year67Elite male and female rowersNoYesNot measuredYesYesLumbar spine (50% of interviewees)Not reported (reported as ‘overuse’)