Table 3

Risk of injury after concussion (n=66) or randomly selected injury (n=1599) in the year after the index trauma, divided into different time periods

 At least one injury (n=874)At least one sudden onset injury (n=709)At least one gradual onset injury (n=414)
HR95% CIHR95% CIHR95% CI
0 to <3 months1.561.09 to 2.231.761.12 to 2.762.441.36 to 4.37
3 to <6 months2.781.58 to 4.893.001.52 to 5.924.361.57 to 12.10
6 to 12 months4.072.14 to 7.763.691.72 to 7.957.942.39 to 26.44
  • Hazards were adjusted for the number of injuries in the year before the index injury.