Table 3

Studies of ESWT and RPT in chronic recalcitrant mid portion Achilles tendinosis

TreatmentRefStudy designSystem typeNRegimeSignificant benefit at 12 weeks (or other time frame as stated)?
F-ESWT low31DB-RCTEM49Once monthly, 1500 up to max 0.20 mJ depending on toleranceNo
F-ESWT high32DB-RCTNot stated482000 shocks @ 0.12–0.51 mJ/mm2Yes. Mean (SD) AOFS scale pain, function, alignment: 70 (6.8) to 88(12) vs 74 (12) to 81 (16)
  • RPT: no studies met inclusion criteria.

  • DB-RCT, double-blind randomised controlled trial; F-ESWT, focused extracorporeal shockwave therapy; RPT, radial pulse therapy.