Table 2

Comparison of clinical and imaging findings in players with and without current injuries

No current injuryCurrent injury
Clinical findingsN=25N=9
Tender (%)4.0100.0
Ultrasound findingsN=23*N=9
Hernia (%)13.00.0
Labrum abnormality (%)17.422.2
Bulging (%)65.255.6
Pubis irregularity (%)56.533.3
MRI findingsN=25N=8†
Pubic oedema (%)
 Main body68.062.5
 >2 cm56.037.5
Cleft (%)12.012.5
Capsule/tendon oedema (%)24.037.5
Capsule/tendon enhancement (%)36.050.0
  • *Two patients had no ultrasound data available .

  • †One patient had no MRI data available at the time of injury.