Table 2

Results of meta-regression with significance set at p<0.05 level

 All ACL injuriesNon-contact ACL injuries
Slope95% CIp ValueSlope95% CIp Value
General characteristics
 TTT0.096−0.04 to−0.29 to 0.330.90
 Minutes/session−0.003−1.41 to 0.460.91−0.046−0.14 to 0.040.32
Strength training
 Percentage of emphasis−0.009−0.02 to 0.0030.15−0.002−0.02 to 0.010.80
 Minutes/session−0.042−0.11 to 0.020.21−0.033−0.14 to 0.080.55
 Total duration−0.055−0.13 to 0.020.18−0.005−0.12 to 0.110.93
Explosive training
 Percentage of emphasis0.003−0.02 to 0.030.800.016−0.01 to 0.040.18
 Minutes/session0.011−0.06 to 0.090.780.069−0.05 to 0.190.25
 Total duration0.030−0.12 to 0.180.700.160−0.07 to 0.390.17
Balance training
 Percentage of emphasis0.010−0.002 to−0.004 to 0.020.17
 Minutes/session0.065−0.01 to−0.03 to 0.150.17
 Total duration0.0760.004 to 0.150.04*0.070−0.03 to 0.170.16
Agility training
 Percentage of emphasis−0.007−0.03 to 0.020.55−0.020−0.04 to 0.0040.09
 Minutes/session−0.041−0.16 to 0.080.51−0.106−0.23 to 0.020.09
 Total duration−0.059−0.25 to 0.130.53−0.167−0.36 to 0.030.10
Static stretching
 Percentage of emphasis−0.003−0.03 to 0.020.82−0.031−0.06 to −0.0010.04*
 Minutes/session−0.009−0.08 to 0.070.82−0.100−0.21 to 0.010.07
 Total duration−0.026−0.24 to 0.190.82−0.263−0.52 to −0.010.04*
  • Results are organised by general characteristics of the programme (TTT and session duration) and training component (percentage of emphasis of component in relation to duration of session, duration of time spent in that training component per session and total duration of that training component throughout the programme).

  • ACL, anterior cruciate ligament; TTT, total training time.