Table 2

PEDro scores of the reviewed studies

PEDro scale
Reviewed studiesTotal scores1234567891011
Hewett et al*3XXX
Soderman et al4XXXX
Heidt et al5XXXXX
Myklebust et al*5XXXXX
Mandelbaum et al*3XXX
Olsen et al7XXXXXXX
Petersen et al*2XX
Pfeiffer et al*2XX
Steffen et al7XXXXXXX
Gilchrist et al4XXXX
Pasanen et al8XXXXXXXX
Kiani et al*4XXXX
LaBella et al6XXXXXX
Walden et al7XXXXXXX
  • X ‘yes’ score. Blank ‘no’ score. PEDro scale is optimised for evaluation of randomised control trials; thus, the PEDro assessment score for the non-randomised control should be interrupted with caution. Studies with * are not randomised trials. (1) Eligibility criteria specified, (2) Random allocation of participants, (3) Allocation concealed, (4) Similar groups at baseline, (5) Blinding of participants, (6) Blinding of intervention providers, (7) Blinding of outcome assessors, (8) Outcomes obtained from 85% of participants, (9) Use of intent-to-treat analysis if protocol violated, (10) Between-group statistical comparison, (11) Point measures and measures of variability.

  • PEDro, Physiotherapy Evidence Database.