TableĀ 5

Sports medicine organisations with at least 10 respondents

OrganisationNumber of respondents
American Physical Therapy Association665
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine338
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons319
European Society of Sports Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy263
International Society of Arthroscopy Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine190
American College of Sports Medicine124
National Athletic Trainers Association98
Arthroscopy Association of North America76
Norwegian Sport Physiotherapy Group (NSPG) of the Norwegian Physiotherapist Association66
Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP)66
Portuguese Sports Physiotherapy Group (PSPG)51
National Strength and Conditioning Association42
Orthopaedic Research Society40
Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports and Exercise Medicine (CPSEM) (Ireland)40
Gruppo Di TerapiaManuale, a special interest group of AssociazioneItalianaFisioterapisti (AIFI)33
Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine (UK)33
Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (SSPA)26
Chartered Physiotherapists in Manipulative Therapy (CPMT)20
Canadian Physiotherapy Association18
American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists16
Swedish Society of Sports Medicine15
Canadian Orthopaedic Division14
Norwegian Manual Therapy Association13
International Cartilage Repair Society10
Association of Turkish Sports Physiotherapists (ATSP)10