Table 2

Changes in measures of skill-related performance in professional soccer players over three prolonged congested fixture periods of six successive matches (n=16 outfield players)

Technical performanceMatch 1Match 2Match 3Match 4Match 5Match 6Statistical difference
Duels won (%)52.9±16.351.7±16.554.8±16.459.6±9.544.3±16.556.7±7.8p=0.588
Mean number of ball contact per possession2.2±0.32.1±0.32.2±0.42.1±0.31.9±0.22.2±0.1p=0.695
Number of balls lost12.8±4.213.4±5.610.8±3.612.6±5.111.2±3.612.7±2.6p=0.580
Successful passes (%)84.9±6.184.7±7.683.2±7.784.4±5.185.3±8.687.7±3.8p=0.900
  • The values are the mean distances covered in every match of the three congested periods.