Table 1

Criteria proposed in the survey

Realm of functionTo consider management successful, 1 (2) year(s) after surgery (injury), the athlete must:Abbreviations
ParticipationHave played one (two) season(s) in the sport of injury at the same level as prior to injuryRTS
ActivityAchieve symmetrical performance on a functional testFunctional Test
Body structure and functionNot have more than a mild, persistent effusionEffusion
Not have any episodes of giving wayGive Way
Not have radiographic progression of osteoarthritisOA
Have a laxity difference <3 mm on instrumented testingLaxity
Have a pivot shift grade of normalPivot-shift
Achieve symmetrical quadriceps strength (>90% of the uninvolved limb)Quads
Achieve symmetrical hamstrings’ strength (>90% of the uninvolved limb)Hams
Patient-reported outcome measureAchieve >90% on an outcome toolPRO
Knee Outcome Survey—Activities of Daily Living ScaleKOS-ADLS
Knee Outcome Survey—Sports Activities ScaleKOS-SAS
Global rating of perceived functionGRS
Tegner Activity ScaleTegner
Lysholm ScoreLysholm
International Knee Documentation Committee 2000 Subjective Knee FormIKDC2000
Cincinnati Knee ScoreCincinnati
Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome ScoreKOOS
Marx Activity Rating ScaleMarx